Real Estate Online Marketing Domination Course by Raul Luna

Real Estate Online Marketing Domination Course

This Gave Me a Map to Get Results

I know all the tools I’m supposed to be using to drive my business, but this is the first time I understood how to actually do it step by step.

– Anita, Small Business Owner and RE Investor in San Antonio

Do You Struggle with Online Marketing?

  • Are you struggling to get new leads?
  • Do you need to connect with other investors, but don't know where to begin?
  • Did your last direct mail effort flop?
  • Tired of marketing “gurus” with no substance?

  • Are you lost with social media marketing?
  • Do you struggle finding quality tenants?
  • Do you have trouble converting with email?
  • Is it time to take your business to the next level?

Get New Online Strategies to Explode Your Business

Real estate investors, developers, and entrepreneurs are raking in millions of dollars through leveraging online tools and social media. But how do you learn? Where do you start?

  • 10 Speakers
  • Over 12 Hours of Training
  • Every Platform Covered in-depth 
  • Get the Tools You Need to Get Ahead Online

Get the Tools You Need to Succeed

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Gurus, conferences, and experts in online marketing abound…

Many of them have very little actual experience in selling anything other than themselves. Most know nothing about Real Estate.

But what if
you could learn from people like you that have actually made money online AND have built successful Real Estate businesses?

Learn from Experts in Real Estate & Marketing

  • Learn PPC from an expert who uses it to find real estate all over the country for pennies on the dollar. (He just found me 5 cash flowing properties for less than $5,000 each! $5,000 IS NOT a typo!)
  • Learn LinkedIn from an expert who shows all kinds of businesses how to leverage this underutilized tool. (Such as how to connect with A-List investors.)
  • Learn YouTube from someone who built a 6 figure business in his first year after college, then started his Real Estate business from the profits.
  • Learn Email from someone who built a multiple 7 figure business from one email list.
  • Learn Instagram from a commercial developer who’s “side business” makes 6 figures a year (and keeps all his properties 100% occupied all the time).
  • Learn Twitter from a Real Estate developer who built a following over half a million in a few weeks, and got international media coverage which led to millions in new deals.
  • Learn Facebook from a self-taught technician who has personally posted 10,000 ads and managed over $1m in advertising through Facebook.
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Practical Information You Can Use NOW

This course has practical information that you can start using immediately! Unlike a lot of courses that give you a lot of overview, this course drills down into the specifics for what you can do to get started and start seeing immediate results.
Judah, San Diego Real Estate Entrepreneur

What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos


How to Buy Houses for Less Than Half Price in the Next 7 Days by Using Google Correctly featuring Avi Rasowsky
Google Pay Per Click for Real Estate 1 of 2
40 mins
Google Pay Per Click for Real Estate 2 of 2
39 mins
YouTube Domination in 2020 featuring Adam Linkenauger
YouTube Domination in 2020 – 1 of 4
35 mins
YouTube Domination in 2020 – 2 of 4
34 mins
YouTube Domination in 2020 – 3 of 4
33 mins
YouTube Domination in 2020 – 4 of 4
35 mins
Marketing Your Real Estate Business with Facebook and Facebook Ads featuring Jon Copper
Marketing Your Real Estate Business with Facebook and Facebook Ads
(1h 28m 52s)
LinkedIn Real Estate Masterclass featuring Yakov Smart
LinkedIn Masterclass 1 of 3
29 mins
LinkedIn Masterclass 2 of 3
30 mins
LinkedIn Masterclass 3 of 3
28 mins
Creating Compelling Social Video featuring Aroun Vongphakdy
How to Create Compelling Videos
22 mins
Getting Press to Get Deals and Grow Revenue featuring Jason Buzi
Getting Press to Get Deals and Grow Revenue
49 mins
Email Marketing Best Practices featuring Ty Tribble
Email Marketing – Why it is Still King and How to Profit From It by Ty Tribble
(1h 38m 49s)
6 Figures on 10,000 Followers featuring Jerry Miller
Killer Online Marketing Strategies from a Small Town Real Estate Entrepreneur
(1h 23m 14s)
Losing to Win: 5 Rules to Crush Online Marketing
Losing to Win – 5 Rules to Crush Online Marketing
59 mins

"I'm Making More Money Online Since Coronavirus, All Because of This Course"

I’ve been applying the things I learned about email and PPC from this course, and I was able to start an eCommerce store in March that has now exceeded my full-time income prior to that. It has only been 2 months, and the rest of the world is worried about keeping their jobs or going on unemployment.

My primary income has dropped considerably as a result of the Coronavirus. But because of the things I learned in the Real Estate Online Domination Course, I am more financially secure than I have ever been and I am making more money than I ever have.

Even though this course has specific things for Real Estate, I have been able to apply what I learned in another industry that is completely unrelated and generate a significant revenue stream in a short period of time. I can’t recommend this course enough! It’s timeliness is perfect for what each one of us need right now – concrete strategies from seasoned experts for generating sales, leads, and revenue online.

- Jon C., Entrepreneur in Virginia

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